Get quick answers to the most common questions we receive from customers

How long will my delivery take?

Lagos Deliveries (Orders have to be placed before 12pm for next day delivery.):
1 Business Day.

Nationwide (Outside Lagos):
2 - 3 Business Days.

3 - 5 Business Days.

Refunds, Returns & Exchanges.

All purchases are final. We do not accept any returns / exchanges once sale is complete.

How long can I carry my braids for?

Hair is subjective to care. Mia Mia Hair lasts an average of 4-6 weeks.

Can I reuse the hair?

Yes, the wavy and straight textures can be reused once making total of two uses, we advise clients to go to salon to loosen your Mia Mia braids and wash it. Reuse is subjective to care on the first use, we also recommend for the hair to be used for Ghana weaving or faux locs on the second use.

Can I swim with Mia Mia Hair?

Yes you can, however your braids should be shampooed and conditioner immediately. Allow air dry.

Can I use Mia Mia Hair for Ghana weaving?

We do not recommend you use it for Ghana weaving on the first use because of the silky texture of the hair. Your Ghana weaving will become rough fast. If you have purchased, the wavy or straight textures we advise you to use it for Ghana Weaving on your second use as the texture of the hair will be slightly coarse and suitable for this style.

What does one bundle weigh?

Wavy 24” : 85 grams per bundle

Wavy “18: 70 grams per bundle

Loose curls 18": 110 grams per bundle

Loose curls 24": 114 grams per bundle

Straight 18”: 110 grams per bundle

Is Mia Mia Hair human hair or synthetic hair?

Mia Mia hair is high grade synthetic hair which gives the look and feel of human hair braids.

Do you have a physical store or a pick up location?

No we do not, we operate online only and adopt a delivery only policy.

Do you accept cash payments?

No we do not accept cash payments; payments can be made online or via bank transfer.

Can Mia Mia Hair be used for wigs?

Yes it can and we provide custom wigs services. Available only on preorder. Wigs take 7-10 business days to complete.

Contact us to order.

Where can I install the hair?

We have list of recommended braiders we share with our clients after purchase.

Can I put the hair in hot water or curl it ?

Mia Mia hair is not heat compatible putting it in hot water or using heat appliances on it will completely ruin the hair. Kindly refer to your care card.

How do I maintain my braids and what are the best products for to use?

In every package we included a care card containing simple steps and the best products to use for maintenance. A pdf version of the care card can be downloaded on our website.